Goseong, (a.k.a Goseong Choi,  S.Korea) examines ephemeral gestures and original forms of life and consciousness through his photographic language. His visual metaphor is personal and transcendence, and it reflects his identity and paradox.

Goseong's work has been exhibited in museums, galleries and international festivals including, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Blue Sky Gallery, and Encuentros Abiertos-Festival dela Luz. His work is held in collections at Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Philadelphia Museum of Art, New Mexico Museum of Art, Portland Art Museum, and Haggarty Museum of Art. Among others, his work has been published in, PDN, Der Greif Magazine, Photo Art, and Exposure. Online features include Lenscratch, New Direction at Detroit Center For Contemporary Photography, Conscientious, L'Oeil de la Photographie, Ain't Bad Magazine, Phases Magazine, Prism Photo Magazine and more. He holds a Master's degree in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute.


Master of Fine Arts, Photography, Pratt Institute, New York, USA


2021 "There, The White Wind Wall", BMW Photospace, Busan, SOUTH KOREA
2019 "Counting Shadows Blackens My Fingertips", KT&G Sangsangmadang, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2016 "Walls and Wells", Encuentros Abiertos-Festival de la Luz, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
2014 "At the End of Winter", Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, Oregon, USA


"Photographers of the Year, KT&G SKOPF" Goeun Museum of Photography, Busan, SOUTH KOREA
Photo London, Somerset House, London, UK

"In The Beginning: Of Species", The Center for Fine Art Photography, CO, USA
"Small Works Baruch 2018", Mishkin Gallery, NY, USA

"DER GREIF A Process 2.0", Kraków Photomonth Festival, POLAND
"FOCUS photo l.a.", photo l.a., Los Angeles, CA, USA

"Flash Forward 2015, Magenta Foundation", Division Gallery, Toronto, CANADA
“In the Mood: Photography and the Everyday
”, Irene Carlson Gallery of Photography, University of La Verne, CA, USA
Photography Award, Photobook Melbourne Festival, AUSTRALIA

"Hunting+Gathering", New Mexico Museum of Art, NM, USA
"PMA Photography Portfolio 2014"
, Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA, USA
"Self-Published Photobooks", Phoenix Art Museum, AZ, USA
"Scrutiny After The Glimpse", Haggerty Museum of Art, WI, USA

"The Kids Are All Right", Addison Gallery of American Art, MA, USA
"Mapping: Borders, Bodies, Memories", David Weinberg Photography, Filter Photo Festival, Chicago, IL, USA
"Center Forward 2013", The Center for Fine Art Photography, CO, USA
"The Kids Are All Right", Weatherspoon Art Museum, NC, USA
"Lotus Photography Summer Group Show", hpgrp Gallery, Chelsea, NY, USA
Photo Annual Awards, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC 
Annual Contemporary Photography Exhibition, The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, PA, USA
"Woods, Breath", Datz Museum of Art, SOUTH KOREA

"The Kids Are All Right", John Michael Kohler Arts Center, WI, USA
"Looking at Ourselves: Portraits featured on Lenscratch", Juror: Aline Smithson Guate Photo Festival, Guatamala City, GUATAMALA
"DIY: Photographers & Books", Book Exhibition, The Cleveland Museum of Art, OH, USA
"Center Forward 2012", The Center for Fine Art Photography, CO, USA
"Arles Photography Open Salon", Galerie Huit, Arles, FRANCE
"Beyond 1 lens & Over 100 eyes", hpgrp Gallery, Chelsea, NY, USA
"Unbreakable", Korean Cultural Service New York, NY, USA

"Chelsea International Fine Art Competition", Agora Gallery, Chelsea, NY, USA
"National Photography Competition", Camera Club of New York, NY, USA
"Pratt Harlem Project", Curated by Elissa Levy and Heather Darcy Bhandari, New York, NY, USA
"CAA NY MFA Exhibition", Hunter College/Time Square Gallery, New York, NY, USA


2020 Rauschenberg Emergeny Grant, New York Foundation of the Arts, USA
2019 The Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA 
2018 KT&G Sangsangmadang Korean Photographer's Fellowship, SOUTH KOREA
2015 Flash Forward 2015, Magenta Foundation, CANADA
2014 The Women’s Committee of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA, USA
2011 Photography Book Now, Photo Book Competition, Blurb, USA


Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon, USA
Haggarty Museum of Art, Wisconsin, USA
Datz Museum of Art, SOUTH KOREA
GoEun Museum of Photography, SOUTH KOREA
The Center for Fine Art Photography, Colorado, USA
KT&G Sangsangmadang, SOUTH KOREA


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Culturehall New Artist Feature, Summer 2012
THE NEW YORKER PHOTO BOOTH, Open House: Inside Brooklyn's Photo Studios, Aug 2012
Camera Club Los Angeles, "Goseong Choi", Dec 2011


Toji Artist Residency, Toji Foundation of Culture, Wonju, SOUTH KOREA, 2017
Toji Artist Residency, Toji Foundation of Culture, Wonju, SOUTH KOREA, 2012  


Artist talk, GoEun Museum of Photography, Busan, SOUTH KOREA, 2019
Lecture, Visual Communication Design Class, Seul National University, SOUTH KOREA,  2019
Artist talk, Encuentros Abiertos-Festival de la Luz, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA, 2016
Artist talk, Blue Sky, The Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts, USA 2014 
Artist talk, General Studies Seminar (Spring), International Center of Photography, New York, USA 2011
Artist talk, General Studies Seminar (Fall), International Center of Photography, New York, USA 2011 


프랫인스티튜트 순수예술 석사, 뉴욕, 미국

2021 <흰 바람벽이 있어>, BMW 포토스페이스, 부산
2019 <그림자들 헤아리다 지문이 거멓다>, KT&G 상상마당 갤러리, 서울
2016  <Walls and Wells>, Encuentros Abiertos-Festival de la Luz, 부에노스아이레스,
2014 <At the End of Winter>, Blue Sky Gallery, 포틀랜드, 미국

2019   <고은사진미술관 + KT&G 상상마당 제 11회 KT&G SKOPF 올해의 작가 전>,
고은사진미술관, 부산
Reboot: 평창 아카이브 프로젝트, 평창, 강원도
Photo London, 런던, 영국
2018   <In The Beginning:Of Species>, 콜로라도 예술사진센터, 콜로라도, 미국
<Small Works Baruch 2018>, 미시킨 갤러리, 뉴욕, 미국
2016   <Der Greif A Process 2.0> 포토먼스 페스티벌, 폴란드
<FOCUS photo l.a>, 로스앤젤레스, 미국
2015   <Flash Forward 2015> 마젠타 파운데이션, 디비젼 갤러리, 토론토, 캐나다
<Photography Award> 포토북 멜번 페스티벌, 호주
2014 <Hunting+Gathering> 뉴멕시코 미술관, 뉴멕시코, 미국
<PMA Photography Portfolio 2014>, 필라델피아미술관, 필라델피아, 미국
<Self-Published Photobooks> 피닉스 미술관, 아리조나, 미국
<Scrutiny After The Glimpse> 해거티 미술관, 미국
2013 <The Kids Are All Right>, 에디슨 아메리칸 아트 갤러리, 미국
<The Kids Are All Right>, 위더스푼 아트 뮤지엄, 미국
<Mapping: Borders Bodies Memories> 필터 포토 페스티벌, 시카고, 미국
<Center Forward 2013>, 콜로라도예술사진센터, 콜로라도, 미국
<Lotus Photography Summer Group Show>, hpgrp 갤러리, 첼시, 뉴욕, 미국
<Photo Annual Awards>, 프라하, 체코 
<Annual Contemporary Photography Exhibition>,필라델피아사진센터, 필라델피아,미국
<Woods, Breath>, 닻미술관, 경기도, 한국

수상 및 선정
2020 라우션버그 이멀전시 그랜트, 뉴욕 예술 재단, 미국
2019 서울문화재단 예술작품지원 선정, 한국
2018 KT&G 상상마당 한국사진가 지원 프로그램 올해의 작가, 한국
2015 Flash Forward 2015, 마젠타재단, 캐나다
2014 여성위원회 사진상, 필라델피아 미술관, 미국
2011 Photography Book Now, Photo Book Competition, Blurb, 미국

2017 토지 문화관, 토지문화재단, 원주, 한국
2012 토지 문화관, 토지문화재단, 원주, 한국

아르헨티나 국립미술관, 아르헨티나
필라델피아 미술관, 미국
포틀랜드 미술관, 미국
뉴멕시코 미술관, 미국
해거티 미술관, 미국
닻 미술관, 한국
콜로라도 예술사진센터, 미국
KT&G 상상마당, 한국 

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